What we started with!

Oxford Street

Project title: 443 Oxford Street, London, WC1.

Client: Private Client
Main Contractor: ISG ltd.

Works: Complete replacement and restoration of shop fronts to Oxford street. 

Capital Stone Renovation won the contract to install all new stone frontages to seven stores in Oxford street. 

Once the scaffold was up it was discovered that the brickwork piers supporting the low-level balcony railings were structurally unsound and needed to be replaced. Time was not on our side so procuring new terracotta features was not an option, so this meant restoring what was there.

These piers were cut back to the remaining sound material – not a lot! And then gradually built up and brought forward using different types and colour of mortar and resin-based materials.

The client was delighted with the end result and the main contractor was pleased a potential delay to the main contract works had been avoided.