What we started with

Lime Mortar – Eastcheap

52 Eastcheap, London EC3 

These beautiful three façades were re-developed by Thackery Estates Ltd and Capital Stone Renovation was instructed to restore them to their former 1880’s glory!  First, we had to remove all the paint, but then came the intricate works of replacing the damaged brickwork and missing lime mortar and lime putty pointing. Originally the detailed brickwork was pointed in a black mortar to give contrast and to enhance the brickwork, this pointing had largely failed so, after a series of trial patches, we agreed a black natural lime mortar sample to be manufactured by Anglia Lime.

At high level on this project there was a very large semi-circular window that looked South across the Thames – our repointing of the red-rubber brick arch makes it look amazing in itself! 

A lot of the damaged red rubber brickwork was in a poor state, but patience and a skilled hand restored it to looking as good as it ever did.