Prior to works commencing

Horsenden Manor Specialist Paint Removal

Private Client. 

Contract works to remove external coatings and repair/replace damaged brickwork and repoint in lime mortar. 

Capital Stone Renovation won the tender to chemically strip the paint from this Grade 11 listed Manor house built in 1810. The brickwork was suffering due to the entrapment of damp behind the numerous layers of paint and this damp was manifesting itself internally and causing serious problems. We carried out test panels to establish what the coatings were on the brickwork.

Using solvent and subsequently acidic compounds we removed the upper most modern coatings and then removed the old distemper or limewash coatings. It was by no means a quick operation but systematic use of chemicals and steam gradually revealed the façade in its former glory.  

Once the brickwork had been stabilized and neutralized, it was completely repointed with lime mortar. This operation not only solved the damp problem but aesthetically the building looked transformed!