Before multi-layer coating removal

Grand Hotel Birmingham Paint Removal

Main Contractor: Graham Construction Ltd

Interior Design Consultant: Robert Angell, Design International Ltd, Canary Wharf, London.
Project Manager: Mr Des Creelman.

Works: To remove all coatings to historic mosaic floor on the first floor landing and corridors.  

Duration: 3 weeks. 

Robert Angell from the interior designers, Design International Ltd, originally requested that Capital Stone expose a small section of the mosaic floor to the first landing adjacent to the Grand staircase.

We then carried out some trials with a variety of different chemicals.

Once it was established that careful use of solvents,  vacuum steam guns and elbow grease would remove the years of floor coatings, latex levelling compounds and sealer the go ahead was given to strip the entire floor area.

The process was not quick, but inch by inch the floor was restored to its former glory.