What the planners rejected!

Faience & Terracotta (ATM replacement)

Capital Stone are frequently asked to in-fill the frontages of High Street banks where the ATM machines are being increasingly removed from. A lot of these properties are Listed Buildings or in Conservation Areas, so great care is taken to re-establish the façade as it was originally. 

This is what one of the ATM replacements looks like if carried out by a shop fitting firm anxious to get out and home! 

Once on site we took a brick from the façade and worked our way around brick salvage yards until we found a close match and then rebuilt the brickwork section. 

The major problem on this particular job was that the feature band was in fact made of Faience – which is a man-made fired product that was popular in the 1920-1930’s – it can still be manufactured today but the lead-in time and processes involved are incredibly long and our client did not have the time before hand-over.

We suggested manufacturing ‘cold’ cured faience which entails making a wooden mould of the block and casting the stone in a resin based material.

Once this block is on site it is then treated with various coatings of epoxy resin to match the surrounding stones as closely as possible. The build up of the coatings is an exact science and we need good conditions on site to achieve this.

Finally, the stones are finished with either a matt or gloss sealer coat to preserve the process.